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Our Philosophy


The Havasu Classics Car Club is based out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona and is a non-profit organization. The club is a group of car enthusiasts who enjoy getting together to show their cars to the public by holding car shows, participate in car events and organize charity car events to help charity organizations raise funds for their cause.

The Club is open to all years and models of cars and trucks.  Club members do not street race nor break any laws prescribed by local, state and federal jurisdictions.  In order to keep our club chapter in good standing with our local and state governments, all members must abide by these rules to maintain their Club membership.

The top priority of our club is to have fun.  This involves being a family oriented club.  Spouse and family are greatly welcomed.

If you are interested in a fun family oriented, law abiding and enthusiastic group of car nuts then you definitely should look into joining the Havasu Classics Car Club.